Battlefield 5 Game Modes

What would you guys like to see either return, or be introduced as a game mode in Battlefield 5? Obviously conquest, and conquest large.

What about some of the Battlefield Hardline modes? Hotwire was a hot mess…

What about modes like in CS:GO, where you have to diffuse a bomb? etc. Interested to hear your thoughts.

I honestly would like to see something like from Mw3 where it was like 1v1 2v2 or 3v3 and it’s a moshpit of domination (capture the specified areas), search and destroy (planting and diffusing bombs with 1 life each person), and kill confirmed (pick up dropped dogtags dropped by fallen allies and foes)

I am rather new at FPS. BF3 was my cherry, and all I play now is BF4. However, in my short experience, Grand bazaar would Awesome to see modifed. Also, what would be nice …Doomsday Mode!

Conquest - Rush - Death match and the ability to have any one vehicle in a superiority match. You could really have some fun with that.

Gotta ask 0 what is doomsday mode??

Thats an interesting twist on things. One vehicle per team, or one vehicle on the entire map?

I’d like to see something like gardening from COD aka king of the hill. If it goes future (even if it’s only 50 years away) I’d love to see Titan assault. Also Hardline did innovate a lot with game modes such as hotwire and blood money, it’d be nice to see variants of those return.

Hardline brought in kill confirmed so we could see that. And BF4 had defuse, a SnD like mode, if they pair that with hardlines competitive matchmaking we could see a more vibrant competitive scene in battlefield 5

Hrmm, from the 1/2 hour of hardline that I played, I didnt try Kill confirmed. Whats that all about?

EA/DICE would be foolish not to think about competitive gaming for Battlefield 5.

Sorry i meant everyone would start with a vehicle each but all vehicles would be the same,instead of just having air or tank superiority

Ah ok! I get what you mean now, however, I think my idea might have something to it. One killer vehicle (tank) in the middle of the map, whoever controls it would dominate the game, so the tank becomes the point of contention

I’d just like a game mode where you could forget how serious battlefield can get and just have a laugh

King of the hill was first in Halo:CE for console and Core War for PC, but other than that, I can agree with you

That is called “Friday Night Fights”. My old clan used to set aside fFriday nights for some bevvies and just get on with it. No tactics. Just war!

Oh man! King of the hill would be awesome in a Battlefield setting