Battlefield 5 Teaser

So this is making the round on twitter. Not sure if it is legit or not, but I think not. What do you think?



its about time

The Fix Now has also stated ‘on twitter’ there is something that none of us want to miss tomorrow? I really hope it’s about the next battlefield :wink:

Here it is!


Cant wait!

You and me both brother! Just a matter of hours till we hear

Still waiting :frowning:

No Teaser! A 4xp weekend instead.

Complete joke if you ask me.

Not what i was hoping for that’s for sure.

I am pretty disappointed to say the least

Oh man! Just going through some old posts… This eas perhaps the biggest let down in the BAttlefield series yet…

Looking back, that image looks so fake.
Like honestly, there’s no effort put into that at all.

Back when we so were naiive and innocent we were ready to believe anything!

When I was a baby Ben

hah! Now you are all grown up!