Battlefield 5 to be called Battlefield 1

Anyone care to translate?

Its not on the website. looks to be fake :frowning:

Not fake, it was tweeted by EA UK

The best hint I’ve seen is[/URL] brings you to the event timer. Trying [URL=‘’] = “four oh four” error, is it a hint or a troll on ea’s behalf?

The original battlefield 1 was an 6 floppy disk game

Really? Was it called Battlefield 1? i thought the first game was called Battlefield 1942

Was not called battlefield as we know it ant was before ea dice took it on

Shooting flares with parachutes into the sky was WWI version of night vision fighting.

Actually it was the first time night vision fighting was introduced into combat.

What was the name of the game before Dice got involved?

Trying to remember sorry

Been a while since I’ve seen it

First Battlefield was 1942, which was the theme song they played continuously prior to the BF1 release announcement, today.