Battlefield 8k Wallpaper


Some of you are wallpaper aficienados like me, so here is a thread dedicated to Battlefield 8k Wallpapers. Please ensure that all wallpapers are at least 7680 x 4320


Battlefield 1 8k Wallpaper for your liking!


This one I call “The Three Amigos”. A screenshot from Battlefield 1. Credit to Berdu



Love this one! I had a look through his Flickr page, and some of the shots are fantastic.


Yeah - he is excellent. There is another “artist” like him that takes killer screenshots, but for the life of me, I cannot remember his name. Once I track it down, I will let you know


While I dont have a wallpaper to share, I appreciate you taking the time to create this thread to showcase the Battlefield 1 8K Wallpapers that are out there.


Has anyone else been able to find some more uber high resolution Battlefield Wallpapers?