Battlefield Forum Battlefield 1 Server

When the game comes out, we will have our own dedicated Battefield 1 server, however I have no experience in running a game server.

Anyone out there interested in helping run the server once it goes live?

I try to avoid any admin duties as I am terrible at it, but if I can be of some sort of help, from time to time, I am more then happy to be of any kind of help. Procon is a good tool to use for setting up a server, check it out here

Thanks! I have used procon many, many times as an admin of various game servers over the years!

Ah okay, awesome, yeah procon is like the swiss army knife for running servers

Cool! Yes, a I’ve a bit of experience with ProCon but our BF server maester is @Bazaar

@Bazaar , what say you?

I’ll ask him when I catch him on TS3.

Seems like he is gone awol…