Battlefield Forum User Ranks

@Ben Walker I had a fairly lengthy private conversation about user ranks, and how to get promoted on the forum?

User ranks are all controlled by how many trophy points you have earned. Trophies can be seen here.

If you have any questions, here is the place!

Image from @Timelord_

It’d be a good idea to have rank suggestions too.

There is nothing baked into the software for that, but it is pretty easy to implement in the backend.

well i have been here since bf2 i did play 1942 but on my brothers account :wink: just give me it then eh lol


Are you asking for a rank? It doesn’t work that way, you gotta earn them using trophy points.

@Timelord_ I meant by suggesting ranks to be added to the system, not requests for a custom rank for them.

Ranks are based on the number of trophies that you have earned!

Right - I get it. Ranks will be used for the Battlefield 1 give away

Nice, ill try to get some of those trophies then.