Battlefield Games - Single Player

Just as a matter of interest, what do you guys think of the Battlefield single player modes? I am not referring to any single gamer here, but in general.

Do you play them to completion? Don’t even bother with single player?

For me, I never thought that there was much depth to them, I am more about getting online and shooting people in the face.


Some of the single player modes are better than other. Bad Company 2 was excellent, but the single player on Battlefield 4 was meh.

I have not heard any rumours about if we are going to see a single player mode in Battlefield 6. Anyone else?

I play them just get the gist of the game

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Yeah, good call there.

Although it might seem like all FPS have the same control, it is not true. Especially when it comes to vehicles. It took me forever to master controlling the choppers.

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You guys have inspired me. I just re-installed Battlefield 4 last night, and I am going to go through the single player mission to see what’s up.

Bad Company 2 had the best Single Player missions out there if you ask me. But, you didn’t ask me so there you go!

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How much time would you say you put into the Single Player missions before jumping in online?

the Bad Company games are good, any other BF Singleplayer is absolutly terrible, just watch the yt-channel of “AltF4Games” and you´ll see what I mean why there are terrible :smiley:


The Battlefield 4 single player wasn’t terrible if you ask me.

Der große BF3 Stream - Highlights - YouTube trust me, once you play the game with a brain, not doing the EXCACT stuff the defs told you, the game will break immidiatly. normal Triple A quality. its not only a BF problem

i think only by watching it should be obvious that this are terrible SINGLE player games

and yes these are 2 different links, on is a stream best of BF3 and the other one a NON payed BF4 review