Battlefield Headshot Contest Competition - The Top Shots

We had a bunch of solid entries in the first ever Battlefield competition, so it was tough to narrow them down to just seven, but it was a job that someone had to do!

Here is how things are going to go. Each clip will be assigned a number, and you as a community will vote for the winner. On valentines day, we will eliminate the lowest performers, and make it s ‘shootout’ of the top three headshots, with the ultimate winner being declared on February 20th.

So without further ado, I present to you the top headshots!

  1. A very patient shot by @935_Gamer He used bullet drop in a fantastic way.
  1. Kudos to @Ruby_Eyez for this submission where the player sniped a pilot! Job well done.
  1. @BravoSnipes brings us back to hardline with a fantastic snipe of a chopper pilot.
  1. I did not even see the sniper in the tree here, so that get’s you and entry into the competition.
  1. A 910 meter headshot from @Standingfast_85 says it all
  1. Simply an awesome shot! from @Flintstone
  1. @TheInfamousOne submitted this brutal headshot!

Honorable mention goes out to @SteveTheMadLad @LeGuMeN @im_bzx

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Amazing headshots all around; good luck everyone


It looks like it is going to be a tight race…

Amazing!! Good luck to all the talented contestants :+1:


@MatYoGaming welcome to the forum!

Thanks! Glad to have found this site :+1:

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#7 Is listed as my account but is not my video.

I am reluctant to edit the poll at this point, as I think it will delete the posts. I thinj video #7 will be culled anyway.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention

No worries, just thought I’d put it out there.

It looks like we have a winner with %34 of the vote!! Send me a DM here on the forum, and we can work out your prize.

Congrats to @OctoraxOfficiel


Thank you and thank you for this competition :wink:

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Congrats to you. SHoot me a DM, and we will work out the specifics of the prize

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