Battlefield History

So, how far back do you go with the Battlefield series @zzcreeperzz and I were talking about this on Twitter, and he mentioned he was a BF3 vet. I have to admit, that I am old enough to start playing Battlefield when it first burst onto the scene with Battlefield 1942. I still remember the original theme song. Stuff like that gets stuck in your head!

Haha! I got the game a couple of days ago, tbh I’m not even 16 yet so I only go back to maybe Bad Company 2

You just got Battlefield 3, or Battlefield 4? If you havent played BF4, do yourself a favour and pick it up STAT. Pretty sure it is on sale now.

I just got BF3, played a little BF4 on my friends PC before I moved. My PC doesn’t have good enough RAM or graphics card to play BF4. I have to play BF3 on all low settings for no lag.

Well, at least you are playing our beloved series. Does Bad Cpmpany 2 run ok for you? Thats still a wicked fun game

I don’t play it on PC we played it when it was relatively new, haven’t played for a while but the campaign was pretty sick. We played a little on multiplayer I believe not sure though.

When I say we I mean my friends and I

If you dont remember if you played MP, then you probably didnt. MP is THAT good!

Yeah, like I said it’s been a while but Hardline is probably the best, I just got a lot of attachments for my PP-2000 yesterday. For a level 7 gun it’s OP!

Do you have any footage of you playing? Would love to check out your new arsenal…

No I do not sadly for my PC cannot handle such simple tasks.

We can always dream!

I started my BF love affair with Bad Company 2 and I logged Close to A thousand hours on BF3 which I was a little upset when they rushed BF4. I was still rocking BF3 everyday all day and knew the release of 4 WAS going to take the communities attention away. I have high hopes for a killer BadCompany 3!!

@Nyceone You have a link to your old BF3 profile? I want to see what a thousand hour profile looks like…