Battlefield Noob Questions Thread

Hi lads,

Hope its ok to start a thread for the people that are new to the Battlefield games like myself, to ask questions about Battlefield games and Battlefield1.
I was hoping a few of you experts would be kind enough to pop in every now and then and help us newer players out, I’m new to shooters in general coming from a racing simulator background so I’ve lots to learn.
Heres a few questions to start off.

  1. Will this game have a lot of DLC?
  2. if so that would mean that its vital to buy this game in your own region, not online from another?
  3. Does your progress in this game rely on you buying DLC?
  4. I was hoping seeings this games a WW1 game it wouldn’t be as frantic and fast shooting as the shooting in many modern based games due to the weaponry used and type of battles being fought, is this a correct assumption to make?
    The reason i say that is because i find many futuristic shooters so frenetic and fast paced i can’t keep up, i was hoping this might be a bit different?
  5. will offline mode let you play all maps against bots?

Cheers and thanks

One more question, i live in Australia and use a PS4, can i sign up for the beta?
Scrap that, wouldn’t be fair taking somebody else spot being new to shooters, i just wanted to get it early haha

  1. About 4 or 5
  2. most probably, I don’t really know.
  3. Sort of, along with new maps, BF DLC usually add new guns and equipment which will require you to unlock them. But if you don’t have the DLC, theres no problem; the items will just be blocked of from you.
  4. Judging by the alpha footage I’d place the movement speed around medium to fast. they want to make a very intense atmosphere so it will be nothing like Verdun, which is coming to consoles if you want a slower game.
  5. No offline mode is campaign, at least thats how its been with BF 3 and 4.

Greetings from the states

the speed of the game will be like this at 3 mins

Thank you kind sir, i appreciate that mate, I’m just gonna have a look at your vid, thank you

  1. I would plan on seeing at least 4 DLC packs if old Battlefield games are anything to go by.
  2. I would definately stay within region. I know you can sometimes buy it off region for a little cheaper, but not worth ther hassle in my opinion
  3. usually not. Battlefield is really a MP experience. DLC is usually a few more guns, with the real draw being the additional maps.
  4. From the Alpha footage, it does appear to be a pretty fast pace game, not as fast as some COD titles.
  5. There have been no bots since Battlefield 1942 if I am remembering it correctly.

By all means sign up for the beta. It is open!

Where would i sign up bro? i don’t want to go getting any scam sites?

here you go!

BOOM!! Thank you mate!, as long as theres not a set amount of spots and I’m not taking a spot from a hardcore battlefield fan, I’m in, first Beta I’ve ever been involved in and great to see them including players from all round the world.
I was looking forward to being part of the beta for F1 2016 but they wouldn’t take anybody from Oz, it was euro only unfortunately.
Do these guys send out some sort of code for you’re console soon?
Cheers and thanks

@Anzac - hope you enjoy the beta!