Battlefield V Banner


A talented dude on twitter has created this sick Battlefield V banner.


Gives me a Bad Company feel


YEah - kinda gritty . Unlike the experience that I got from the reveal trailer.


Seriously hoping that whoever made that trailer gets a new job


I read something online earlier today that said that the guy who made the Battlefield 1 trailer moved onto another company in 2016.

Still seems like more than enough time to hire someone new?

That, or the piece that we saw is the only piece that has enough polish to show off in public?


idk man, lets just hope the next trailer is much better


Well, during the EA Play event, we are going to get some real gameplay - not just a trailer. That will really be the true test.


Yup, i think most of the people hating the game will change their minds then


EA has better hope so. With Call of Duty Black Ops 4 coming out around the same time - they need a differentiator.