Battlefield V - Battle Royale


With the latest hotness that is Battle Royale (think PUBG, or Fortnite) it looks like the next iteration of the Battlefield games will come with a Battle Royale Mode.

EA’s DICE studio is testing the mode says a source who asked to remain anonymous. In the other Battle Royale games, a player, and 99 of his closest friends drop in on a map and fight to the death, until there is only one player standing. The fanbase for this fanbase is huge, so I see why DICE wants in on the action. Perhaps tap into a new portion of the marketplace that have not played Battlefield before.

I suspect that we will not see Battle Royale mode on day one of Battlefiel V, as there is still a lot of polish needed, but, we should see it at some point during the DLC releases.



Interested to see where they go with this and how it turns out.


Yeah - you and me both. I find fortnite to be wicked fun, so I can only imagine how this would be in the world of Battlefield.