Battlefield V Key Art Has Leaked


We’re one day away from the full reveal of what the next Battlefield in the franchise will have to offer FPS fans. Though not much is known at this time for Battlefield V, we did get a pretty sweet teaser trailer earlier this week that hinted at a WWII timeline. Now the key art has been leaked early on PlayStation 4 which only strengths the excitement for the historical time period.

All signs point to World War II


And this.



i really love this picture, it looks beautiful


More beautiful because it has weapons from WW II?


Well yeah that too, i just really like how strong the colors are. i think this is the best cover art for any Battlefield game so far


Here is the breakdown of what he has.


Nice, my dad is really into WW2 and he has a flashlight or two like that :stuck_out_tongue:


Get that man behind the keyboard! He is gonna love Battlefield V


Indeed he is, he will lose his shit once he sees the trailer, he has been wanting a next gen WW2 game for such a long time now, he sticks to Single Player and PS4 though :stuck_out_tongue:


Have you shown him the teaser trailer yet? Enough to get anyone excited.


Nope, gonna keep it a secret until the full trailer release tomorrow :wink:


Not a bad idea!

Hopefully it is a full 2-3 minutes.


Yup, its probably round 2.40 - 2.55


Yeah - after the actual trailer there is gonna be some kind of post show, so that is going to be interesting to see what else they reveal about Battlefield V


They are probably going to talk a little about the new huge gamemode (upgraded version of Operations) then they will talk about the Single Player and which aspects of war you get to see. Hopefully they will mention guns, vehicles and customization aswell


The million dollar question. Are we going to see a Battle Royale mode in Battlefield V?


i think they have some form of Battle Royale (The Battlefield Way) which would be interesting to see, but honestly i dont care if they have it or not, im still just as hyped for the game


YEah - I agree. As long as the core Battlefield mechanics are there. I am in.

That being said, I will NOT pre-order this.


Oh i am going all in dude, BF1 had its issues especially with the content but i still really enjoyed it. And after all the testing they did in that game i think they will absolutely NAIL this game! They had 2 years to really test old time guns and mechanics and i think they really adjusted Battlefield V after all that.