Battlefield V Official Reveal Trailer


Here it is!


#Battlefield V will be released for the #PS4, #XboxOne and #PC worldwide on Friday, October 19


i am super hyped for this game and i honestly think its going to be The Best Battlefield yet… But that trailer was straight up HORRIBLE! Whoever made it did so many things wrong


Yeah - rumour on the street is that the guy that did the Battlefield 1 trailer is no longer with the company… Excited for the game, not so much for the trailer.

Just didnt really feel like a Battlefield game. And what was with showing the chick with the iron hand? Takes away from the WWII vibe they were trying to show.


Yeah, that whole Woman part was really stupid


To be honest, I felt that the trailer was a little forced. Hard to put my finger on it, but something was definitely off.


I have the same opinion. The tank through the house thing was kinda cool, but super scripted. Is levolution dead?


Didn’t really do much for me. I want to see more multiplayer action then a cinematic timed kills mixed with a hint multiplayer.