Battlefield Wildlife

list of notes for “Battlefield Wildlife” game.

you create any kinds of Factions Units.

you create Psychic Partner Pet Animals: Reptiles, Mammals, Birds. during Battle, War.

you create any kinds of Weapons.

you create any kinds of Combat Vehicles.

you create any kinds of MP Game Modes.

you create any kinds of Maps.

you create any kinds of Weathers.

you create Sound Effects of War.

you create Customizations.

you create Offline Multiplayer, Offline Bots.

you create Campaign Missions.

you create Characters.

you create Soundtracks.

you create Offline Create Own Server.

you create Server Browser.

you create any numbers of Max Player Bots.

“Battlefield Wildlife” game.

Release Date: 2022.

Publisher: EA.
Developer: EA DICE.
Mode: Singleplayer, Multiplayer.
Genre: First Person Shooter, Action.
Platforms: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series.

please tell to EA DICE developer to make “Battlefield Wildlife” game.

please reveal & release “Battlefield Wildlife” game next year in 2022.

please you forward this my message to EA DICE developer.