Battlefieldforum Dedicated Server

Once we get the chance, we will be ordering a dedicated server for use by our members! Who will be playing with us on day one?

Will the server be on the East Coast or the West Cost of the United States?

Gonna aim for somewhere in the middle (Texas0.

Oh won’t be able to, sorry, ping is 200 plus on American servers

DOH!!! Come on man - you gotta try it out at least!

OK sure will give it a try :slight_smile:

If there is no ping limit, then it shouldn’t be a problem, I will just die a lot, haha

on PC or Xbox One or Both???

PC I am afraid, as that is the platform I play on

What is your username on Origin? Let me add you and admin.

Oh maybe during the steam summer sale ill buy it on PC, but my origin id is Bobtheburger… yeah i made it like 5 years ago, and i dont know how to change it.

I can’t seem to find anyone with that username. Might it be Bobbobburger instead?

Acctually now that I think about it, i believe my Origin Account got transfered to an EA account a few years back.

Arenty they one and the same?

At this point I have no idea