Best Battlefield 1 Images


So, we know that he Frostbite engine is sick, so why not share some of our favourite images of the game that we love. Let me kick start the part.


Here is one by an awesome screenshot guy named Berdu. I think he is from Finland, or Norway.


Here are some good ones from human_no_person on twitter.


Here’s a few I posted over on twitter earlier (@human_no_person).
Hope the quality’s a little better


Man! You are onto something here - I love this one!
Any “shopping” here, or the barrel flame just like that?


Just a basic image sharpen in Ps. The barrel flame is legit and to think I almost skipped that one frame it lasted for.


Perhaps in a different thread, you can outline how you actually capture from Xbox, and what your process looks like?


Be glad to. I only recently discovered how to spectate a match and that has really helped grab those otherwise missed photo ops.


Honestly, it takes a different kind of perspective to grab images such as these. I have tried it in the past, however, I never get anything as good as to what you have captured here.


I think being in spectator mode is the key to capturing. Whilst trying not tot get your head blown off or cut to ribbons by support suppression is enough to worry about, it’s not the best time to be taking photographs.


Ermmmmm - what is this spectator mode you are referring to? I assume you find an empty server somehow in order to get the piece and quite?


Accessing spectator mode…
Go to ‘Multiplayer’ tab
Select 'Server Browser’
Find a server with the game mode or maps you are looking to capture.
Now click 'X Server Options’
Select 'Join As Spectator’
You can choose any server, empty or full, depends what you want to capture.
This is on Xbox One but pretty sure it’s the same process across all platforms


That barrell flame,. just looks angry. Makes me realize how some of these graphics you just take for granted in modern day games.


I am assuming this is just for Xb1? Do you know how to do it on PC? I would like to take a crack at this.


To the best of my knowledge the spectator mode was an option on PC way before Xbox. Having not tried this on a PC myself I cannot confirm that it is the same process, although I see no reason why it should be any different.


I’ve found this tutorial on PC Spectator mode.

My apologies if youtube links are not permitted.


Submit away! Thanks for sharing this, I am going to have to see what I can come up with tonight when I hit the Battlefield.


Be sure to post some of your captures, would like to see what you make from it.
Also remember what was said in the tutorial above, about private servers being the best way to get the cinematics and images that you really want, fast.
I’ve captured and gone through over 10 hours of footage, which has resulted in 2 x 30sec videos and around 20 decent/useable images. It could be a long process or I could simply be really bad at capturing. Either way, enjoy


I will as soon as I can figure it out. I have a mate come over later who is way better at this stuff than I am, so hopefully he can figure it out.

We will be doing it in #Battlefield-4, so Seige of Shanghai it will be, as that is my fav. map


Use OBS software. I tried it the other day and it is pretty straight forward. I think you need a fairly decent PC (record to an SSD), to capture at 1080P or higher.