Beta unlock system.

I understand the basics to the unlocks system, but some guns are locked behind class progression instead of player progression and my class progression has not increased at all over the day that i have been playing. Am i missing something?

You don’t need to level up your class to buy certain guns
Cheeky little glitch: Go to a -> Select career -> Select loadout and you can buy anything you want as long as you have Warbonds to buy it

Nice find! Gonna head there before they fix it!

That’s great programming for learning. No money (war bonds) in real life brings you no weapons, regardless how well of a fighter.

Danke schon, thank you very much

Thanks for that!

How do you actually earn the warbonds? Dont you just get them when you level up?

I think this glitch has been fixed recently. However you can check how close you are to ranking up your class in the load out section on the website. Also there is a glitch where the game stops tracking your progress if you play on the same server. Once you have played a game you need to leave and play on a different server in order for your stats to be tracked.

Just discovered where you can work o your loadout. One thing I cannot see on there, is how you add different scopes, etc.

That feature isn’t in the beta.

Ahh - makes sense why I cannot see them