Beware Battlefield 1 Beta Scam

A number of Battlefield players have fallen victim to a phishing attack in an attempt to register for the Battlefield 1 beta.

Users are being tricked into visiting, which is not in anyway affiliated with Battlefield/EA/DICE

Here is a screenshot of the FAKE site.

If for some strange reason, you proceed past this page, here is what you are greeted with.

Remember, this is a SCAM.

How low can people get…

Thanks for the heads up

Happy to help members of our community!

Just shows the popularity of this title tho when it can spawn its own scam sites lol, but good heads up!

Bloody hell, how low indeed. Damn criminals will try anything.
Thanks for the info Timelord_

Aint no thang! Oh and no-shot, you can tag users by using @no-shot

Ok, thanks for the tip.


That’s funny.

Didn’t know you had to sign up to an open beta, wouldn’t that make it a closed beta?

What a bunch of tools.

People just want to get their Battlefield on and are a little over eager.

If you see any of these you should report them to EA. They will take legal action to close them down…

Already reported, yet the site is still up and running

I reported this one to Jeff Braddock too. I just sent another message to remind him it’s still up.

Another site I reported was taken down though

Who is Jeff Braddock?

You seriously don’t know who Jeff Braddock is?

Dan Mitre?
Lee Williams?
Sebastian Moritz?

Ok, Jeff got back to me. They’re trying to get it down but it’s pretty difficult unfortunately.

Jeff Braddock is the Battlefield Community Manager for North America.

I have heard of Dan Mitre, but not the other dudes…

I thought that was Dan Mitre? Or am I mixing it all up?

yeah - I suspect it has a lot do with where it is hosted…