BF1.exe using 7.2GB RAM??!! Freeze

This is not normal yea? Bf1.exe is using 7.2GB Ram and its freezing later 1hours .My friends have same problem.
DICE pls

The freeing is not normal, but the RAM usage is. Look at the minimum requirements here.

I built my new PC about a month ago. i was definitely wanting to play Battlefield 1 on it so i looked at system requirements for Battlefront as it seemed like a good guide. It said 16GB of RAM recommended so i got 16GB :slight_smile:

Nice move - I think for any new build where you plan to capture video, stream while you play, 16GB is the norm

Good move man, 8GB will probably fall into the minimum requirements for new AAA titles, is DDR3 RAM still cheaper then DDR4 RAM? Anyone who’s PC uses DDR3 RAM should take advantages of it before the prices of RAM goes up

I wouldnt invest any more dough into a machine that is still running DDR3. Usually means it is an older proc. Would be better off saving, and doing a wholesale upgrade (RAM, CPU, Motherboard).

Yes true, but the Haswell CPU’s are still rather good, sandybridge is getting a bit out dated and AMD doesn’t have any new CPU’s currently and still running the ones from 2013 I think it is? Not sure, nothing wrong with it, still very good CPU’s but I don’t think AMD has a DDR4 supportive CPU

I just bumped my i5-2500k up to 3.8ghz (from stock 3.3) and CPU is now %95 when playing Battlefield 1.

I run DXtory and Shadowplay when playing BF1 so my CPU load is usually at 100% load, I don’t switch off shadowplay as I don’t always record with DXtory so I can use shadowtime if something cool happens

i7 4790K here at 4.4ghz