BF1 is a let down already :/

I understand that this is only the BF1 beta but god damn ea what have u done this game is dreadful i am big fan of the BF franchise but this does not fell like battlefield it fells like call of duty with a few things added in i have only been playing for about 4 hours and can already see the lag comp bullets not registering etc all problems that we complain about and that are in every other shooter game and all battlefields are clearly in this games as well the new call of duty will be better than this and i stopped playing that when black ops 2 come out i do not aspect anyone to reply to this also if u do please dont say it the beta what do u aspect cause this lag comp is in every other ea multiplayer shooter this will probably fall on deaf ears but EA FOR REAL FIX YO S***

Thank you


I have not experienced ANY of these problems in my 10 hours of playtime.
The game is wonderful and I haven’t encountered any bugs, bad hitregs, lag comp, or anything.
I am enjoying the game very throroughly and will be playing early on October 18th.

Dude, calm down.
It’s just a game.

The game for me has been glitch free, with the exception of the DDOS. But I hear what you are saying… It doesnt have that #battlefeel

There is a few visual bugs but that is not game braking or unplayable

For me, it’s the same old shit just in another time, world war 1, snipers camping, tank players stacking up a massive K/D and melee weapons is the way to go in CQC… It’s getting old and I am happy I can play the beta, now I am considering not buying this game

The game sound is great, the game looks amazing but the foot steps is annoying, sounds so similar to SWBF, I did realize the assault class weapon (the side mag fed rifle, can’t remember the name) is more accurate when firing from the hip, tanks are super strong, but this is the way it was during world war 1 and takes a squad to take out a tank (they enforcing team work, but I mostly play alone so I have a hard time fighting a tank) and I don’t mind the OP tanks I just got tired of BF4 because of vehicle players stacking up kills and snipers camping, I was hoping it will be different some way in BF1, clearly I was wrong, a lot of players is running recon, which I can understand, it is the biggest map in the Battlefield franchise to date and bolt action sniper rifles are very powerful, I try to play the objective and so far have only really played conquest large

60Hz servers is also a very nice touch to it, hit boxes is spot on and I can’t say anything bad about the netcode

If they added the new game mode with not this map, I would of probably felt different about the game. I might end up just not buying BF1 because I am tired of the same old shit everyday (I play everyday, 2460 hours plus in BF4) and just wanted something new, this is nothing new, even the train is not something you can say is new, gol mud railway has a train, but it’s always available and does not come when the losing team needs assistance to see if they can turn the game, with only 2 weapons attached to it and its good for taking out infantry players or jeeps (if you get lucky) and you can’t control it (OK that’s a few things but BF4 has levolution)

I will keep playing, maybe I have a change of heart or DICE decides to pull a miracle and I actually end up buying the game, if not, on to the next game, Titanfall 2, it has titans, the titans has its own sword and probably a brilliant campaign, what is not to like?

I think that the need to add another map to the beta. This is very ‘meh’ and will not be enough to convince a gamer on a budget to purchase.

Agreed, but since that post I made, looking at it from a different perspective and trying my best to avoid the tanks and campers, I can learn to like it, I do enjoy the beauty of the game and that is working perfectly, the sand storm is really an experience, your vision is limited and love the idea that you can put on a gas mask, it really does limit your vision and the ability to shoot (can’t aim down sight), it’s these small things that make me reconsider, although it would be nice if you could counter a dude who is boynette charging you head on to give you fair advantage, something like shooting the charger and doing a certain amount of damage to stop the animation and the boynette charger must return fire

Sorry just thinking out loud

That mao would be a completly different experience if it were vehicle free. Tons of good firefights.

The only thing I can agree with is the wonky hit detection, like when I use a sniper, the bullet hitbox is paper thin, but others snipe, they hitboxs the size of the train apperently, and everything is a headshot, even when your aiming for the legs.

I haven’t really had a problem with hit detection at all, seems fine to me, the headshot sound effect is also a nice touch


yeah from what I remember from sniping in the Beta, which i played for like 50 hours, it was fine, the only real problem was the god damn tanks. :frowning:

This has terrible grammer. SMH

Thanks are still wickedly OP.