Bf1 review screen gone?

The stats at the end of the round has gone? Is this happening to other people too? Always like to see how I’ve done!

Can you post a screenshot of what you are referring to?

Hi the issue is resolved. basically the review at the end of the match ie stats etc was dissappeared. Now back after a few days but yeah. It seems it is a common thing so yeah. Truly loving battlefield now. Have 5 battlefield 1 fails videos ready to upload to youtube :smiley:

Be sure to share the videos here so the community can check them out.

As for your issue, it sound slike some kinda server side glitch

Where is best to share them? I’m making them smaller as suggested by people. Really appreciate it. Working with another gamer friend for new YouTube loading screens!

Just start a new thread. Give a quick explanation of what the video is about and the key moments.