BF2016 is BF2143


i;m going to explain why BF5 is going to be 2143

the story began with some eastereggs in BF3 dlc, end game and back to karkand.
Some of you might remember those easter eggs.

now the first easter egg there is to find is the number 2143 on a crate at wake island as you can see here"
and you can find this crate in BF4 aswell BF4 is loaded with those crates it’s almost like that dice whant us
to be reminded of this number 2143 and yes after the first easteregg dice tweeted that they have no plans for 2142 so far"
and that is what brings us to the second easter egg in BF3 the DLC end game"

The second easter egg is a futuristic aircraft-drone which has the EU logo and the number 808 on it
The EU logo is from a faction in 2142 and most of the EU militair vehicles has the number 808
After people have found and shared this easteregg on the internet dice literly said noting about this (easteregg)"
and they didn’t because this easter-egg is basicaly the answer on the first easter egg 2143 crate that you can find on wake island"
oh and you can find this easter egg on the map riverside from the dlc end game"

now the start of developmend of BF2016, a guy from youtube-channel neebsgaming nicknamed Thick44,said that a friend of him"
probely a dice developer told thick44 that dice started working on BF2016 before they started working on starwars battlefrond
which was on may-2013, right after the latest 2143 easteregg of BF3 which was launched in 2013 march, so basicaly they started developing
bf2016 between 2011 and 2013. when BF2016 is lauched it means that this game has been in developmend for atleast 5 and a half year"
and i dont think that they started earlyer then 2011 so i has to be 2142 because off those eastereggs.and if you want to hear it from thick44 yourself
just click on the link in the discription"

bf4 campaing"
now we move on to BF4 campaing
there are 3 references to 2142 in BF4 campaing
first. a guy named"pac" p.a.c (pan asian coalition) an eastern fraction in 2142
second. a carrier ship called titan, titan is a hugh flying carriership in 2142
and at last the BF4 mission suez canal, suez canal is a fan favorite map in 2142
and i dont see the point of suez canal being in BF4 all mission is taking place in asia and sudendly there is a mission in suaz canal in africa
it’s abvious that this mission is a reference to 2142"

BF4 dlc’s"
First… navel strike, with navel strike they brought in a new game mode called carrier assault which is based on
titan mode from 2142. might just have been a test i dont know but it is related to 2142

then the dlc final stand"
final stand is filled with elements from 2142: the pan asian coalition has vormed, hover-tanks, a titan-ship under construction in hanger 21
the rauch-railgun and ofcours launch pods" this dlc basicaly confirms that BF2016 is going to be 2143, dice didn’t explains why there are
2142 elements in this dlc they didn’t say no or yes to 2143 and that basicaly says it al if dice isn’t developing 2143 at all they would
have told us"

[MEDIA=twitter]685960836620369920[/MEDIA] rumor!

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Here is one of the easter eggs.

Other than the video I posted, do you have any screenshots, or clips to back this up? I for one hope you are wrong, as I REALLy want to go back to Battlefield 1942 era…

I don’t care if it’s future or past, just don’t want another modern military, hopefully we’ll find out later today :slight_smile:

look for it

looking for it*

I am pretty sure we will find something.

Awesome! Looking forward to it…

surely if 2143 is not the next BF title, dice has someting to explain in my opinion

That is pretty interesting to me!

I dont know if it will be 2143. It could be and I kind of hope it really is in that time period, but the DLCs made me think that its going to be 2042 style instead.

The whole global war thing that happened that led to 2142. The ice coming down wiping out the US and the world picking sides and all that.

Either way they could do it right if they remember balance, which DICE has been forgetting the last few games.

You think it will be a prequal to 2142? Thats an interesting concept for SP, but not sure it adds much to the MP.

For me, Titanfall has the market cornered (or the new COD), on near future. Battlefield 5 needs to go back in time. Marty McFly style.


It may not be. Its just there is a lot to work with on the story and maps and they can make semi-futuristic weapons, but not be too sci-fi. The last DLC with the plans and prototype stuff also makes me wonder. They could have the full story of the rise of PAC and fall of the US and so on.

There’s just a bit to work with on it.

I didnt actually play the last DLC, so I may be speaking out my ass. I said it before, and I will say it again. I would LOVE to see the battlefield series go back intime to 1942 -1944. With today’s hardware, it would look/sound stunning./

you should read my thread again, dice is working on BF2016 for almost 5 years now and they can easily take elements from 2142.

Well, the question is, is BF2016 actually BF 2143?