Hey All,

So the last couple of days when I am playing I tend to stick to Armour vehicles.

I’m getting quite good at it and I don’t mind a gunner working with me to wreck the map.

The problem I do have, is blue berries jumping in your tank, trying to shoot the Birds out of the sky, and the grass off the lawn, giving away your position, so that a camping enemy can lock on to you with his Laser missile.

Am I the only one that gets pissed when this happens? I feel like a dick to tell the guy to get out, but he Screws up the whole element of surprise, you cant sneak up to any one.

Campers and lock on’s is the probably the most annoying thing in BF4, you are not alone, haha, just remember you can shoot a jet with a tank, have a look at this video

Me as well, really wish there was some kind of lock to keep them out.

Gotta ask. What is a blueberry? Obviously you are not referring to the fruit here.

LOl @Timelord_ Other players that are not in your Squad on BF4,