One thing that I kinda want the option to be able to do is to use bolt-action rifles on any class. I hate sniping but I like the idea and the authentication of being able to use bolt action rifles with iron sights like the true soldiers of ww1 with a bayonet. It could work like the carbines in bf4 and the sniper sights don’t have to be an option but the thought of running across no mans land with a Lee Enfield and bayonet sends excited chills down my spine.

From what I read of this article, ( he says that he was playing a medic with single-shot rifle. Since we know that recon has single-shots, that seems to confirm that at least 2 classes get access to them (albeit, perhaps without scopes for the medic). It might be a safe assumption that the other two classes will get non-scoped rifles as well, and unlock the rarer, fancier stuff as they progress.

I suspect everything was unlocked for the lifestream regardless of level, just for the occasion.

That would be pretty awesome to see more people running around with bolt action rifles, but there has to be a variety of weapons to enjoy, I personally love the idea that there will be no DMR’s, how I hate a DMR… haha

I wouldn’t celebrate too soon. There were a lot of experimental semi-automatic weapons in WW1 that will feature in the game. Perhaps they will be the new DMRs, though I doubt they’ll have sights or scopes.

As long as they don’t have sights or scopes and does less damage then the DMR’s in BF4, I can be happy

Look any class that has Semi auto rifles should have bolt actions as a primary and semi’s as a unlockables. This game is about having classes with different play styles so not everyone should have bolt actions. And only players that put work into the medic class should be able to use the extremely rare semi autos.

Certain guns (DMRs, shotguns) could be used in any class in BF4 so hopefully yes.

Oh and HELLO and welcome btw @Kieron Mantle :smiley:

Would be kinda cool to see a “bolt action only” server side setting.

That would be really cool to have only a bolt-action server!

How do I trademark that idea? :wink:

Haha, good question @Timelord_

/me skips off to the trademark office


do it…

Consider it done!..

in my dreams