Celebrating Battlefield 3 on the road to BF2042!

Hello everyone! Just wanted to drop a plug for a channel run by my friends and myself. As we count down the final weeks to BF2042, we thought it would be fun to relaunch some archive footage of some of the funny moments had when playing Battlefield 3 many years ago. We hope that this brings feelings of nostalgia as we quickly approach the release of quite possibly the most anticipated Battlefield (2042) since BF3. We’ll be dropping the remaining “Funny Moments”, as well as a few clips each Thursday until the release, at which point we will be putting up some BF2042 gameplay and shenanigans. If you feel so inclined, we would love to have you like and subscribe, but we won’t beg!

Funny Moments of Battlefield 3 Episode 1

Happy Fragging!!!

Hey @PhantomLlamasDen welcome to the forum!

Love me some old school Battlefield 3. Are you a PC player? If so, we should squad up when 2042 drops.