Community Manager

Hey guys.

We are looking for someone to join the battlefieldforum as a community manager. If you are interested in the role, please start a conversation with me, and we can discuss the specifics.

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What do they do?

Shoot me a PM/conversation and I will give you all the details. Good way to earn some money!

Hi Timelord,
Did you manage to get someone to become the community manager for you?

Not yet. There are several people interested. I have a compiled spreadsheet of all candiates where we will be doing a pro/con analysis of each candidate.

Time lots is the position still open?

I am pretty sure @Timelord_ is getting close to making a decision. If you are interested, start a conversation with him

We will be making a decision this weekend

@Intercepter29 I just sent you a message

I just wanted to say - Yes I’ve thrown my hat into the ring for the position, but I realise I only just got here so good luck to whoever is chosen. Whatever the outcome, I’m glad I found this forum and I intend to stick around. Just try and get rid of me! :slight_smile:

Love the attitude.

With me is any Duck playerssorry cod players slab battlefield off get told to either do one or play an adults game.

Sorry man - not sure what you mean

Call of duty players I’ve seen slag off battlefield and I’ve said either do one or play a real game

I can be a community manager, i also manage a youtube channel for 2 already, so managing isnt new for me :stuck_out_tongue:

Shoot me a “conversation”

Bumping this thread, as we still need a community manager. Almost five years later!

Are you still looking for a community manager for the forum?

Absolutely. I take it you are interested in the position?

Yes I am. I have loved battlefield ever since I started playing on PS4 back in 2013 and would love to be part of the community and would be really cool to make some money with my passion as well.