Competitive Battlefield (PS4)

I am looking to do competitive in Battlefield 4, Hardline, or 1 when it arrives. But my problem is not everyone enjoys Battlefield like I do so I can’t make a team with my friends. So if you guys know of anybody on ps4 looking for competitive players could you show me the way. I’ll obviously try out for the team cause I will be a noob at the battlefield esports but I am very interested and I would practice on things that I need to get better at.

Oh boy - have you come to the right place… First, let us know what platform you play on. Second, do you use voice comms?

When Battlefield 1 comes out, I already have a competitive team of a few of my friends ready, but this forum is the best place to ask.
In a poll, 5/6 people were playing BF1 on PS4, as of writing this. That means literally almost everyone is a PS4 player in this forum, so if I were you I’d get involved in some discussions, try and assemble a team of people and go on from there. Spread your community.

All you damn PS4 players making me feel left out.

Is that the classic “deal with it” gif?

Nope, this is:

Man - you are fast with these damn things.

It’s my calling.

I play on ps4 and I have a mic turtle beaches of that is what you mean by voice comms. Haha

Yessir - thats exactly what I meant.

It may be worth starting a clan consisting of forum members. Even if it is a mixed ability group.

Woah! Sweet idea, bro!
I’d be up to that, could make it a PS4 community.

I’ll start a thread soon before the launch of the game and we can play (probably lose).

On an average pub server, where do you finish in the rankings? If you are consistently top 5, you may want to rethink it…

Count me in!

I would be willing to pay for a server for us!

Ermm. @ÜberBiscuit[/USER] and [USER=312]@Stevekay You guys need some privacy?

Wait, seriously?
That sounds fucking awesome, dude.

We just need confirmation on how the server rental process works.