Confirmed. Chimneys do not work in Battlefield 1

Lol! It was worth a shot right? Gas em from above?

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This made me think of the map Nuketown from “Call of Duty: Black Ops”, where sometimes a grenade thrown lands in through the top of the chimney and explodes once it reaches the fireplace down below.

Making the chimney for houses in “Battlefield 1” actually hollow might increase the immersion, but I have no clue whether or not the Frostbite Engine will be able to handle destruction then.

Yeah - thats funny - I also thought of Nuketown. The map that has been in about 100 versions of COD now.

With that being said, isnt the FB engine super capable of “levolution”, so why would a grenade down a chimney be difficult?

The chimney would need a new model with the centre being hollow, so whenever the house needs to collapse after taking damage, the destruction of that one specific part of it might become a lot more complex.

yeah - I guess that makes sense. I am far from being a coder/physics expert.

Huh. Apparently chimneys are in fact hollow.

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Still not accessible from the top unfortunately.

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Lol, this is hard hitting journalism! CONFIRMED!

Whelp… bad day for Santa. :grimacing:

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This thread still cracks me up. I think it was one of the first threads ever posted on this forum. Many, many Christmas seasons ago. Well, four or five to be exact.