Cool in game mechanic idea

Hi I’m a really big fan of the battlefield series. Been playing them as a kid and is my go to FPS shooter. I know moderators like feedback and ideas from their fans so I thought of a cool idea that I thought would be cool to see in the upcoming game.

My idea was that when your HP reaches a very low percent, your character will begin to slow down as a realism mechanic. Or for say, you get get shot by a sniper in the leg, and your health points are very low, that your character begins to slow down or limp until your health regenerates or a medic arrives. Just a cool idea to implement realism and I know game devs like feedback and ideas. So this was just my shot of an idea. :relaxed:

Welcome @CRod117 to the forum. Your ideas are decent, just not sure how we would implement them ;

Let’s say if your health is 20 and below your characters screen become fuzzy sorta like bf4 suppression system, and your characters movement speed screen decreases and your screen will begin juggle to implement your character limping as you try to find cover. I know it sounds crazy but it also sounds so cool…

It’d be so cool if you would be able to pass my idea down to somebody in the game developers staff. Just as an idea. It be an awesome trophy to find out that my idea was somewhat taken as an idea to put inside the game but it didn’t make it. Or what if it did? just a try would be awesome

I think it would be cool only in like a hardcore mode. It would get extremely annoying after a while in normal play, plus everyone is used to that feature not being in the game

I like the idea of when your helath is low, the screen becomes fuzzy. Very interesting indeed

Hrmm. Yeah - I can see what you mean. Or it could be a server side setting?

See!! I like the feedback! It would be interesting. Just think about the feeling you’d get as your controlling your soldier as he’s searching for cover as your trying to grasp on for dear life a couple more second to regenerate your health!!!

Yeah it could be like a “realism” feature you can toggle in the server settings :slight_smile: for hardcore game mode or something

Yeah - thats exactly what I ws thinking

OR even when your HP is low you get that heart beat sound and your vision is impaired with your character eyes begin to open and close as he’s taking their last breath. Haha

I haven’t got to see full gameplay but the medic in the game, we’re they going to use morphine syringes to bring players back from the dead or was morphine a WW2 thing?

I love the idea of the heartbeat. There was a game many moons ago that had something similar to this, but I cannot remember what it is

not sure…

I think bf4 has this in tbh. Lololool

LOL! Maybe thats what I am thinking of!