Destruction in Battlefield1

Here is a nice before and after screenshot showing the carnage you can unleash on a map.

Nice! Even the zeppelins can come crashing down blocking some paths and do some damage on the environment, I think on the actual game there will be more mud, your character might be covered in mud as the war progresses, I have seen tanks kicking up some mud while driving around, water resting on weapons while it’s raining and ofc the weather changing system during the live stream

I love thee types of images, that show the true potential of Battlefield 1.

With a smile…these images are BS. I am very excited about destruction. Getting back to Bad Company 2 type of destruction but the images above lie.

First image is looking at the E Flag, where you can see the ground has destruction. Image is facing North West. Building on right and left are in tact (for what we can see).

Second image is on E Flag looking more North, North West. Ground is still destroyed and building in tact. First image taker would be to the right (East) of the Second image.

These are not before and after shots but these are (these are not my images, just took screen shot from E3 Live Stream off youTube. I take no credit for these). Just confused why this is their choice when there is so much more

Hopefully due to the fact that we are in a pre-alpha state will allow us more detruction as per the first screenshot in this thread? We can always hope

I watched the Live Stream and have watched several players YouTube channels, with the video they recorded. There is a lot of destruction and I’m not worry about it. I’m just wonder why those images were showing as Before and After when they don’t show any type of before and after.

I want my response to just show and help hype up this game. In Pre-Alpha it is already beautiful and I’m sure it will get better.

Appreciate the positive attitude man. Thats what makes the Battlefield community so awesome