DLC exclusivity for BF5

Yes this awful thing, DLC exclusivity. Does anyone know anything about if there will be exclusivity? In the 2143 rumor it was said xbox one will get the DLC first, That that rumor is unlike due to unlikey probibilitys. Tell me what you guys think, would you like to see this in BF5? Check out my youtube channel for all things Battlefield https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDHDb96WlhrgcoKK4KfpGpg

We haven’t got a game jet, and now we are talking about DLC already;.:eek:

Its called seculation mate :wink:

see and wait, give idea’s. more we can’t do

What about ps3 I still play ps3

i think they wont release on last gen. or they might do something similar to what black ops 3 did. but i personally hope they dont release on last gen as it allows them to focus more on current gen and perfect it.

I really dont think there will be any kind of exclusive DLC. There may be early access, but not exclusivity