Euro 2016 General Discussion

I am a huge soccer (football) fan, and with the Euros scheduled to kick off in a few hours, let’s hear your predictions?

I am Irish, so I would love to see the lads in green do well, however, even I do not have faith in them to get out of the group stage.

For overwall winner - I have to go with Spain… True powerhouse.

England FTW!

Man - what happened to them yesterday? 93rd minute?

That was gutting. First half deserved a goal, but as usual it never came. It was like watching Liverpool last season, loads of pressing and possession but the final ball disappointing.

I think Rooney is past his prime…

GG #ENG and unlucky to #WAL today. Screamer from Bale but Hart should’ve covered better. GG from Sturridge (YNWA)

WP to Northern Ireland today too. :smiley:

Man - I thought England were done when they went 1-0 down. The comeback may yet have saved their Euros.

Didn’t Ireland beat South Africa in the rugby? Sorry a bit off topic

Wow, what can I say … Come on Wales! (I live about 3 miles from North Wales as the crow flies).

Just getting back to this thread after a week in the sun.

Ireland - gone
England - gone.

Who is not gone? ICELAND! WTF

Wales FTW!

More like Iceland! I love seeing the underdogs do so well!

Wales v Iceland final? I’d love that…

… Zaza’s penalty though!


I will be AFK between 3:40 and 5:30 EST today!

TIme to revive this for Euro 2021!