EVGA GTX 1080 SC video card Live giveaway RIGHT NOW!

Join and watch TEAMEVGA on Twitch live right now for your chance to win the new 1080 video card.

They have weekly giveaways as well on Fridays, in addition to their website weekly giveaways :slight_smile:


I hope someone won who really is in need of a GPU

They announced the winner at the 5 hour 25 minute mark (5:25): “lakreda” was announced the winner (May 28, 2016 live show that can be replayed). There were a total of 70,267 visitors, but they were waiting for 2,000 simultaneous viewers as a threshold in choosing a winner.

My advice to anyone purchasing a great GPU is to have it water cooled or purchase one that is water cooled, thus drawing the heat away and having it exit the case, rather than drawing the heat away and dispersing it into the case and raising the interior temperature.

I REALLY think that a 1070 is going to be in my future…

The 1070 or 1080 looks very promising and solid GPU’s, but I think Nvidia is not finished yet, I think they planning some GTX1080ti in the future, might be wrong

I think I watched that stream for 6 hours! If they had played Overwatch instead of that crap, they would have had 2000 people in 20min. :mad:

Interesting timing…


The new Pascal cards are quite impressive, but I’ve kind of tied myself to AMD with my purchase of a Freesync monitor. I have very faint hope that one day NVIDIA will support Freesync, but it looks unlikely as they’re still pushing G-Sync hard. Roll on Vega for me …

I have 2 air cooled GPU’s and a water cooled CPU, temps at idle are 28 - 30 degrees for both GPU’s and 30 - 35 for the CPU, running at 4.4GHZ the CPU on all 4 cores, a proper fan curve and some good air fans makes this possible, looking back at this thread, water cooling is not always affordable for most people and I love the EVGA air coolers for their GPU’s, water cooling on GPU’s is only really necessary if you planning on doing some serious overclocking on the GPU in my opinion

@SkankwOn this is why I could high five Nvidia in the face with a chair, make it open source (the G-Sync) so everyone can make use of it, really selfish of them, but they probably have a good reason why they don’t make it open source? I would not know, free-sync is still awesome tho and AMD seems to bringing out some rather impressive GPU’s this year and it seems next year? Really hoping AMD brings out a solid GPU which can run 4k a@60FPS easily on ultra settings in most games

What model GPU’s do you have? Would live to see some pics of yur rig. I am a sucker for a good water cooling loop.

It is both EVGA GPU’s, but I have to add, it is a ‘already assembled’ water cooler and I only had to fit it in the PC, fit the backplate for the pump, fit the pump on the CPU and fit the fans on the radiator and fit the radiator in the PC, but here is a video of my setup (sorry not trying to spam for more views, just the easiest way to show what is inside my PC)

I think I am too much of a chicken to rock a watercooling setup. I would always worry about a leak

I had the same fear for a water leak but after some research, it seems the worst that can happen is the pump dies on you, mine will notify (beeping noise) if the pump dies, so I will not be fiddling with the water pump at all, just leave it as is

Nice battlestation there @Blackburn

Thanks mate :slight_smile: