feedback for bf1

its an alright game, i like the looks and feel of it. bitterly disappointed in the weapons though. nobody other than the sniper has a bolt action rifle. it feels like a WWII game not a WWI game. even in WWII bolt action rifles were widely used. this game could be amazing but i dont think it will be. it definitely shouldnt be marketed as a WWI game you should have gone for an alternative history where semi automatic and automatic weaponry was widely used. im not saying to copy any other games but you should really take notes from the guys who made red orchestra 2. its a fantastic WWII shooter with realistic weapons on each side. most people are forced into being riflemen with dedicated slots in each squad for each role so there isnt a massively innacurate spread of weapons, there is sniper limits which i wish more shooters implemented. pleasepleaseplease dont make this game bf4 with a new skin, do some stuff to make it unique and interesting.

like, really bitterly disappointed by the weapons. i may need to get a refund for the ultimate edition i paid for.

So you are not going to get the full game upon release? Did you play the alpha? I think once you see/play more maps you might change your mind. I don’t think that this was a good selection by EA/DICE as the map chosen for the beta.

i didnt play the alpha, im still going to play the game and i wouldnt pass off a game purely on the beta. its got the great game guarantee thing so i can try it out. i will also play the beta some more because it is fun, i do like the battlefield series so i want it to be good. but i think they are going to take the safe route to make it more accessible rather than taking a risk and making measures to significantly change the pace of the game to something a bit more fitting for the time period.

I think this was mentioned before and there is a few discussions about it on YT, reddit etc.

But, going to mention it here as well, if the game was dead accurate to world war 1, the fun factor would of been removed, I am impressed with the game and the weapon choices, it is an arcade shooter game and DICE is keeping it that way so they needed to added a few weapons from world war 2 as well, have you tried the rifle canon? (unsure of the name) You can take out tanks with it but it’s super heavy as you need to go prone to use it, it works well for campers as well, still trying to hit a plane with it to see what happens, is it a 1 shot kill or does it take 2 shots?

I simply did not enjoy the game because to me it was the same things as in BF4, the players, nothing to do with the weapons, there is campers who camp and tank operators who stack up a massive K/D, it annoyed me as I had to deal with it in BF4 but then I looked at the game from a different angle, enjoying what Battlefield 1 had to offer, sure it’s not dead accurate on world war 1, but the medic has crutches to give it that authentic look as a world war 1 medic, there is a Indian medic running alongside a British support, where compared to BF4, all the same with different appearances, the American support has a balaclava and the American engineer wears a hat, same goes for the Russians, Chinese is slightly different, how many load outs is in BF1?

You can change the announcer voice to male if you don’t like English, you can disable the HUD in the settings! Then you can truly enjoy the beauty of the game (just don’t be like me, don’t shoot every soldier you see, some are friendly and ammo runs out, haha) I think you will also have the option of selecting your dedicated headset in game, nothing confirmed yet tho

And they have a horse which you can pop grenades from, slice up enemy soldiers or blast them with a rifle in the face, I was also very negative towards the game but starting to enjoy it

As for the authentic rifle from world war 1, have you tried playing as a medic? No auto rifles, 5 - 10 shot rifle single fire and take some time to reload, probably the hardest class to play with but one which has the strongest rifles IMO

Have you noticed how inaccurate the M1911 pistol is when hip firing? At first it frustrated me (because BF4) but it actually has recoil in this game that’s why I could not hit anything while hip firing and now I love that

Sorry, I have too much energy and felt like sharing