The game looks phenomenal (in terms of gameplay and visuals) and I really like most of the changes being made such as light/heavy tanks, splitting classes, addition of ‘Behemoths’ and the map design looks very nice and seems to flow well. I’m actually looking forward to campaign as well, hope it has a deep story and characters as well as being an epic journey.
Still a few small things that I think could be good additions to MP though, hope you guys have a look:
•This isn’t too much of an issue, but I really think the no. of flags caps/defended should appear on the scoreboard, could be a quick addition and would encourage playing the objective
•Behemoths should require the losing team to actually do something eg. capture x number of flags, so they aren’t just rewarded for being bad, and also to add variety as seeing it every game would get boring.
•I noticed that squad attack/defend things go on the left of the sceen, this is a great addition and I really hope it’s extended to show squad members that need revives/health/ammo/repairs etc.
•I know it’s pre-alpha, but the squad leader replacement feature that was added in to BF4 is gone, hope that’s in the full game
•I know some people complained about BF4 having too many attachments, and I think the system of variants in BF1 is a good thing, but I hope we still have the ability to fine tune weapons with sights, heavy barrel (or equivalent) etc.
•The new mechanic of shooting and not appearing on the minimap seems a bit odd. I really hope this changes for full release otherwise people who spray from across the map won’t be on the map and people will be able to get some annoying flanks off. I know it’s not realistic but some sort of suppressor system would be better imo, and there were actually suppressor systems like the Maxim Silencer in 1902
•The spotting changes are good - no passive spotting and 3D spot is removed behind cover, but I think the icon is a bit too big and really breaks the immersion. Maybe a feature to keep it smaller or just make it less obvious in general (because classes can be identified by uniform anyway) might be nice?
•Really think that Bolt-Actions and lever-actions with iron sights should be all kit weapons, could be like the DMRs in BF4. Obviously they’d need less damage over range than snipers so not always a one headshot kill and no one chest shot kill, and maybe even slower ROF to balance them, but just having a longer range option than SMGs etc would be great.

I don’t claim to be a game dev or anything and I don’t think my opinion is any more important than anoyone else’s, but these are some good ideas that could be implemented into BF1. Leave your thoughts please, would like to know :smiley:

This is why there is a beta, to get feedback from the community, and then to implement that feedback if at all possible

Thats what I love about Battlefield and DICE. They actually listen to their community, and work with them to make their games great. Thats why they will always be miles ahead of Call of Duty and Activision.

CoD and Battlefield are in very different classes if you ask me. Some people like CoD, and some the Battlefield series. To each their own I guess

Problem is, 70 000 pre orders I last time I heard for CoD: Infinite warfare on console, so Activision and Treyarch will keep making future shooters as long as they keep doing good, but it also seems that people say the CoD: Modern Warfare remake is also less popular now, I hear some gamers ‘I have already played this game’ will see how things turn out

Also, EA actually wanted to make a future shooter (possibly Battlefield: 1943) but DICE was able to convince EA not to go that way with the custom art

I could be completely wrong, but isnt 70000 preorders nothing when talkin about the scale of a Call of Duty Title?

I think for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 it was around 500 000 pre- orders, might have been even more

Hello again Timelord, I have to reframe my idea. I brought up the idea that all classes should have access to bolt actions. but this would change and un balance the game. I have another suggestion. The Medic class has always represented the modern soldier in my eyes. in BF3 and 4 they were given assault rifles as a normal soldier would and they looked like an average soldier. So make the Medic class have the opportunity to use bolt actions as well as the experimental toys to keep up that look. Assault is based on close range, a bolt action would give them to much fire power, and with the resupply items in support, it would be like giving javelins and ammo bags to the same class. I hope these ideas can be worked in, the community is split on this issue and it would make everyone happy just to be able to choose. best of luck.

With vehicles that have more than two seats it needs to have something where you hold the switch seat button and choose a seat so you don’t have to cycle through all the seats

I already stated this in another post so but heres my thoughts and findings

Support needs some love when it comes to anti tank abilities. While an argument can be made that an unending supply of light anti- tank grenades is enough is sort of true. There is still the point that every other class has at least two ways to damage armor, the support only has one.
Scouts are an interesting thing. While anyone who has ever read one of my threads knows I favor historical realism and am biased to the bolt action. But maybe a ban on a certain number of scopes, say like 4 scoped rifles and the rest are iron sights. This way we avoid what some people want, a set number of only 4 to 6 scouts to a game.
Medics need some work with their revive mechanic. Players need to feel obligated to revive and heal others. in the past weak, I have only been revived twice. I’ve even had two medics take cover, using my dying body as cover. Its just sad. Also their grenade launchers need to be some what more accurate for gameplay sake, realism i’m cool with.
Assault is fine when used right, no notes from me.

Their need to be more was of killing them, something to turn the tide of war in rush.
Also the tank hunter Mark V is amazing… I could not stop laughing.

What is the point trench fighter. The shotgun shot it releases does nothing from what I saw.
Bomber first person bug, the gunners will have no faces.

Game Modes:
Didn’t really mind Conquest, don’t play it that much.
Rush… give me a moment.
Rush needs work, tank count is one thing, There should be at least a 3 to 2 tank count at all times to keep the game some what even. Again, more things to kill tanks with please. Also Artillery needs to work like Call of duty. You need to be able to look at a map and point out two areas to bombard for every telegraph. that will really add to the intensity of the fight.
Maybe add some air craft in the game as well and boost the player count to either 16 v 16 or 24 v 24.

Thats all from me, what do you think.