First Member

Just a quick shout out to our first member, a member from our old Battlefield forum before we experienced the great hard drive failure of 2015.


@Gloryficus Still our oldest member of the forum. Signed up way back in 2015

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2015 - I had no idea that this forum was that old!

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Ahahaha I’m an old timer indeed!

@Gloryficus Good to see you again man!

Are you still involved with the gaming scene? Specifically Battlefield?

BF4 was my favourite and Hardline was fun too. Quit after BF1, abs StarWars Battlefront just wasn’t my thing but I’m hoping that’s BF6 will be just as good as 4 was abs will bring me back to the title.

And to answer your question, I’m still on the gaming scene but just playing Rainbow Six Siege right now.

Are you gonna make the OG return to the Battlefield when the game comes out?

Hate to be that guy but I think I’m the oldest member of the form LOL

I remember, once upon a time when I was the newest member. I can see that the forum is growing, so that did not last long!!

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Does anyone remember the exact opening date of this forum. I think it was sometime in late 2015 or early 2016. Right now I’m too lazy to go check the logs but if anyone has a guess let me know and we’ll see his closest


No idea good man. I am brand spanking new here in the battlefield forum