[FORUM GAME] Would You Rather?

Forum games, my favorite.

Objective: Answer the would you rather question above you and then continue with your own would you rather question. Got it? Cool. I’ll begin.

Would you rather have bad breath 24/7 or have bad BO 24/7? Neither can be taken away by anything.

Breath. No doubt about it. BO is BRUTAL

Would you rather win 50k, or let your friend in 100k

Im going with BO. You know what they say if you can’t smell yourself you can’t love yourself.

Oh my god… I want to throw up…

I’d tell my friend he won 50k and take the other 50k for myself, simple.

WYR never be hungry or never be thirsty?

Check. Mate.

Invisible, because then I can pull the best pranks of 2016.

WYR fly or teleport?

Read minds.