Great to see people who enjoy battlefield as much as me!


Great to be here !!

Are you guys cool with me sharing my Battlefield gaming channel??
would rather ask just before posting links




NO worries man - we are all Battlefield fans, so as long as you are active here, feel free to share your work


Thanks Dude, Appreciate the welcome


How long have you been a Battlefield fan? Where did you start? PC? Console?


I’ve been playing since BF3 and i’m on PS4, yourself?


To be fair, this wasn’t one of my best games! I’ve recorded some really good gameplay today!! I just can’t wait for Battlefield 5/Battlefield 2018


PC player here. Waiting the months until I can upgrade my video card in time for Battlefield 2018


Soon! Eight months till we are playing. Much less until we are seeing


I’ll be sure to check it out man


WE will check it out. As a community.


I thought you were refering to you posting youtube videos on the new game LOL :rofl:
yhh for sure as a community we will check it out


Once we grow larger, we will get our own Battlefield server. That’s for dang sure