Have an Idea

I now I’m not an admin, but It would be amazing if we change the background of the forum, for a Battlefield 1 HD image.


I absolutely love the design and UI of this forum, very well done - but I agree with @Koji, time to move on. :smiley:

Agreed with both, it would get us more hyped for the Battlefield 1 game, haha

Let me see what kinda voodo I can come up with… In order to make it “blend” the image needs to be relatiivly dark, and with the good quality BF1 images that have been revealed, none of them are particularly dark.

Any suggestions for images?

Hmm lets wait for Battlefield to launch more images

Hopefully they bring out some more images, but the game in general looks very bright and colorful

Hopefully there will be some released either at E3 or EA PLay.