HDR Battlefield 1 Images


Some caps from the River Somme


Nice work man! Love the windmill one. Almost looks like a painting. Hard to believe that it is a game.


This one reminds me of what I need to do to my lawn this summer.

This one reminds me of London after WWII, weird, even tough this is a WWI game.

Anyway - all the shots are excellent


Thanks @AppleGuy and @BattlefieldMan, I appreciate the appreciation.
Currently finding it hard to obtain the right images to give a HDR facelift to. There needs to be a good amount of colour and contrast but there’s not so much of that in the Apocalypse DLC. It’s dark and murky as it should be.
I’m always open to suggestions, everybody has a different view, some of the greatest works came from an ‘outside the box’ perspective, a different opinion.
Anyways, enough of me rambling, back to the Battlefield, hopefully post new soon, happy hunting.


Who says anything about limiting yourself to the Apocalpyse DLC? Or Battlefield 1 for that matter? Battlefield 4 has some awesome maps that would make for fantastic HDR.



That is simply one of the best #Battlefield-1 one shots I have seen. Period.


These are awesome. One thing about BF1, it is beautiful


Makes you wonder what they are gonna pull out of the hat for Battlefield V. Same engine, however it has had 3 years to mature, and three years for the developers to get comfortable with it