Horse Superiority

Imagine that as a gamemode in battlefield 1, with pistols that you can shoot while riding or swords to swing while chasing someone.
That would be cool and crazy :smiley:

i thought about that too. but i think it wouldnt work in reality
it would be ok for a fun based mode for like one week or sth but not for a serious gamemode

That type of fighting was put down quickly on the western front because the German’s used their shovels to dig in and shoot at anything above ground.

Believe it or not, a little more than twenty years after WWI, the Polish military attempted to use a cavalry to defend from Nazi Germany’s blitzkrieg invasion. If WWI wasn’t the end of horses in battles then WWII definitely was the end.

Long prior to WWI the Turks were successful in armed horseback battles, because they purchased lever action rifles from the U.S. Capable of one armed reloads, and very quick two armed reloads while still keeping aim they had a massive advantage over Russians using bolt action rifles, which always required two arms to manipulate and not being able to keep steady aim while still riding horseback.

They did mention something about cavalry charges, but that could just as well be campaign mode.

I can just imagine the the difficulty if it were multi-player mode, where the player has to control the horse with one set of controls, then have to control the rider with another set, then have to control the weapon with a thrid set of programmed controls. That’s a lot of controllers, mouse and buttons to manipulate and remember which is which, since planes have no surface area they have to follow, but horse back riding has to follow the surface of the earth and its challenges. And that’s only possible if the horse thinks the soldier on his back has brains! lol

I think you can expect a control scheme like the tank or ifv. You drive the tank and shoot at the same time. So in the core the control scheme is the same.