How about a section for matches and friends


How about a section dedicated to gamers to find matches and/or fellow gamers for boosting sessions and/or matches , dedicatef servers and such


Interesting thought, worth investigating.


Can you expand on what you mean? Not sure I understand what you are asking.


Just a thread where people list they have a clan or squad that they want people to join, or looking for gaming friends or looking to setup a gaming session where players are looking for help aquiring achievements or unlocks


Private rented servers are the way to go if you’re looking to squad up and play with friends/gamers simply for fun or to maybe get help obtaining those seemingly unobtainable achievements. They’re also the best way to get the video and image captures that you really want, up close weapons and skins, staged action shots etc. It’s easier to cap if you’re directing the whole thing.
If anyone has or intends to set up a rented server for these purposes, it would be great to know.


I have thought about renting a server…maybe with the new Battlefield game


I’ve thought about renting myself. Looked at pricing, 1 day - 7 day - 1 month, fairly reasonable and even more so with a few friends chipping in.
Wonder if anyone would be interested in donating to the forum so it can set up a dedicated server for forum members and donators.
Just a thought.


We will be renting one for the community for sure!


I would totally be down for chipping in…


See - and this is why I love the Battlefield community!