I wanna specs you up!

Always interested to see fellow BF fans PC hardware (sorry console friends).

Desktop - (Getting a bit long in the tooth, but Sandy Bridge still does it for me).
[]OS - Win 7 64 bit
]CASE - Cooler Master CM-692 Dominator
[]CPU - i5 2500K (Mildly Overclocked to 4ghz)
]GPU - R9 290X 4GB
]MOBO - Asus P8Z68-Pro
[]DISK 1 - 128GB SSD as cache
[]PSU - 1050w Corsair (Overkill I know, used to have CF GPUs)
]+ Asetek Liquid Cooler
[]+ NZXT Touch panel fan controller
]+ DVD-RW & Multi Card Reader
[]DISP- BenQ XL27320Z Freesync
]MOUSE - R.A.T. 7
[*]K/BOARD - Zboard FANG

Laptop - (My new Skylake baby).
[]Chillblast Stingray 15.6"
]OS - Win 10
[]CPU - i7 6700HQ
]GPU - GTX 980M
[]RAM - 16GB DDR4
]SSD - 256GB Samsung SM951 M.2
[*]SSHD - Seagate 500GB
Show us your spex! :slight_smile:

Gotta ask. Why not Windows 10? Do you have any pics of your desktop?

Here is my gaming rig.

OS Win 10 Pro
Case - Some generic POS that I have had for 10 years.
CPU i5 2500k @4ghz
GPU Nvidia 760
Memory 8 GB generic.
2 x 120GB SSD RAID 0
1TB Mass storage

“Why not Windows 10?” … I will upgrade before the ‘free’ cut off date, I’ve just got to back up (again) first. I keep meaning to do it … :confused:

First I find out you’re an Engy, now you’re telling me you’re also a 2500K (@ 4Ghz) appreciater! :smiley: :smiley:
There’s just been no need to upgrade from Sandy Bridge yet though eh.


Brothers from another mother?

I have been REALLY thinking about upgrading the rig. Not based on CPU, but I need more RAM. I dont want to dump even $100 into that machine to get more RAM as I cannot bring it with me down the road…

Gamers dilemna. Dump money into old architecture, or upgrade a serviceable machine to no real gain

Is that some kinda LCD screen on your case?? What does it show?

That’s the NZXT touch panel for monitoring temperatures and controlling the fans. :wink:

Any chance you can let me know the model number? or do you have more pics of it? Looks pretty neat.

How much was it?

NZXT Sentry 2 is still available at https://www.scan.co.uk/products/nzxt-sentry-2-touch-screen-fan-controller-meter-for-upto-5-fans-525-bay for just under £28.

There is a new model available though (Sentry 3) - https://www.nzxt.com/products/sentry-3

How I love to discuss PC stuff! This system I build took me about 2 years to complete and also recently bought parts for it, started building it in 2014

CPU: i7 4790K
Cooler: Cooler master seidon 240M (with 2 X 120mm fans on the radiotor)
Motherboard: ASUS Sabertooth Z97 Mark 1
RAM: 32GB (4X8GB) Kingston HyperX beast series
GPU 2: (PhysX GPU and for other monitors) EVGA GTX 950 SC
SSD 1: Samsung 840 EVO 250GB (with windows 10 64 bit)
SSD 2: Samsung 850 EVO 500GB (for games only)
HDD: 3 X 1TB Seagate @7200 RPM
CD drive: ASUS
PSU: Thermaltake semi modular Gold certified 1050 watt
Monitors: 1 X 1080p ASUS 144Hz and 2 X 1600X900 19’ LG monitors

It is a bit overkill, but I realized running all 3 monitors from the GTX 980 ti caused some direct X functions not to work, solved it with a cheap GTX950, was initially only going to have 2 monitors, the second 19’ LG monitor was meant to go back to South Africa for my old PC (which is a old i5) or for my brother, it did not fit in my suite case and I bought it second hand for a really good price, so I kept it and surprisingly it is very handy when editing videos or when streaming to Twitch, did not think this will be the case, thought it might be a waste of space. The RAM, I bought the second pair on a sale and since After Effects can use all available RAM when rendering a 10 second clip, it came handy a few times

here is my setup. It was first built late 2009. Last year I replaced my i7 920 with the 6 core xeon for €40. I bought the 290x when bf4 released previously had a 6970 and 5850 before that. I will probably do a complete upgrade for the next battlefield game. At the minute I just dont think I will benefit much for the money I would have to spend. The drawbacks to my current setup is of course limited sata3 and usb3 support

CPU: xeon x5670 6 core @4.2GHz
Cooler: corsair h100i
Motherboard: Gigabyte x58a
RAM: 12GB 4x3GB 1600MHz
GPU: AMD 290x
SSD 2: Corsair 256GB
DVD-BluRay: LG
PSU: 1200W coolermaster
CASE: Coolermaster CM690
Monitors: 1 X 23" 1080p LG (+19" for browser and stuff when gaming)
Mouse K/B : Logitech G9x +G105
Steering Wheel : Logitech DFGT (originally bought for ps3)

God damn! That is a beast of a system. What are you using 32GB of memory for, that seems crazy. Are all of your SSD’s M.2, or straight sata?

Gonna have to get my hands on the v3… Looks sweet

•Monitor 1 - Fujitsu Siemens AMILO Display SL 3260W
•Mouse - Logitech G402 Gaming Mouse
•Keyboard - Logitecg DeLuxe
•Headset - Logitech G35
•Mouse Mat - Steelseries
•O/S - Windows 10 pro 64bit
•STORAGE - External HDD500MB
•Joystick - Logitech 3D Extreme

•CPU - Intel Core I7-47703.4 GHZ 8MB LGA1150
•GPU - Asus GeForce GTX770
•RAM - 2 Kingston 8GB DDR3/1600MHZ PC12800
•HDD 1 - Samsung SSD 840 Evo 250GB sata600
•HDD 2 - WD 2,0TB STAT600 64MB Intellipower
•PSU - Coolermaster supply 750w
•CASE - Cooler Master CM-690II

@Blackburn - I can see how that rig would be great for streaming. Beastly. :slight_smile:

@weldon855 - Same time I got my MSI 290X, replacing my old 6950 (which sadly wouldn’t unlock to 6970).

@Brainless - Nice case mate! :wink:

Love how everyone has embraced SSD’s. It is the BIGGEST performance you can give any PC. Truly remarkable, how it feels.

Sorry been a bit inactive,

Thanks @SkankwOn :slight_smile: loving it at the moment, nice setup btw.

True, if I could replace 2 of my HDD’s for 2 SSD’s, I would not even think twice but 1TB SSD is extremely expensive


Sorry Timelord completely missed that reply… lol, the 32GB came handy when I started putting in 3D text with a 3D camera in videos on cinematics for Battlefield 4, used about 80% of the available RAM, streaming is a hassle free task for this PC, I can stream BF4 in 1080p at 60FPS with no problem

I love the idea of m.2 SSD but I sticked to Sata as it was a bit cheaper and I already had then one SSD on Sata, the second one is purely for games to load faster

Check out my build on EVGA’s Mod Rigs.

[]3DMark Fire Strike: 6,217
]3DMark 11: 3,278
[*]3DMark Vantage: 26,611

wow! a Xeon in a desktop. How do you find it? Why did you decide on that processor? Does the mobo require ECC RAM?

@Mr_JimWest Might be time to upgrade that video card.