Image & video capturing on Xbox One


This may seem like childs play to some, it may be informative to others. Either way, I hope it helps.
I’ve found using Spectator Mode is an excellent way of grabbing images and video footage that would otherwise have been extremely difficulty to obtain and here’s how I do it on Xbox One.
Firstly, you are limited to a maximum of 10mins capture time on Xbox One which can be increased to 1 hour if you have an external storage device, formatted to NTFS, plugged in.
For reference: One hour of captured footage at 1080p 30fps will use 4.2gb of storage space.

From your home screen go to the ‘Multiplayer’ tab and select ‘Server Browser’.

Now use the filter options to find the specific game mode or maps you would like to capture.

Once you’ve made your choice of game mode/map, click the ‘Server Info’ tab

This brings you to the server information screen, where you’ll see two options ‘Join’ and 'Join as spectator’
At this point you want to select the ‘Join as spectator’ option.

After loading, you’ll see an overview of the map along with camera positions, capture points and individual players. If you click on a camera or capture point you should get this ‘Options’ box appear.

This is where you can refine your camera view. From depth of field to speed of movement etc. Play around with it until you get your desired look.

If you want to get rid of the annoying ‘X Options’ tab to obtain a full screen view, simply hold the ‘X’ button on your controller to hide it. Repeat this step to bring it back if you want to change any options.

And that’s all folks, happy capping.


Now THAT is how you explain something. A couple of follow up questions if you do not mind.

  1. What quality is the video captured in? Full HD? Can this be controlled?
  2. How do you “send” the captured footage/images to a PC for editing?
  3. What is the average size of a screenshot
  4. Where do you normally post the images, as I assume that they can be quite large.


Thank you for the kind words, appreciated. I’ll do my best to answer your questions…

1 - The video quality I capture at is 1080p / 30fps, full HD, which is the maximum for my machine, Xb1. The settings for capturing can be adjusted within the ‘Broadcast & Capture’ settings via the options menu.

2 - I capture my footage direct to a 1tb usb3 portable hdd so it’s literally a plug & play process when transferring files to PC. I would highly recommend any Xb1 user looking to capture to invest in a usb3 portable hdd. The reason being, a standard Xb1 only allows a max of 10mins capture time at 720p, only 2mins at 1080p. Having a portable hdd formatted to NTFS, will allow the user upto 1 hour continuous recording at 1080p with a file size of 4.2gb. If a portable hdd is not available, you can use the ‘Xbox record that’ option and transfer these files to a OneDrive account if you have one, easy enough to set up if not, and download via the OneDrive website.

3 - The size of the screenshot will be the same as your chosen capture rate, in my case, 1080p, which gives an image size of 1920x1080.

4 - I’ve only recently discovered the spectator mode and the ability to capture more cinematic footage and images and have only posted my images and videos on twitter and this forum. The image file size is dependent on how you choose to save it, best quality png is usually in the 5-10mb area and a lesser quality jpeg usually under 5mb. Twitter suffers reduced image quality during the uploading and compressing process, which is why I was encouraged to post them on the forum, as the image quality remains.

Hope this answers your questions & apologies if I went on a bit.


Kudos to you @ArmleyGeddon for the well written write up. I am a PC player so I gonna have to try this later on .

What about #Battlefield-4 , same concept?


I believe it’s the same process. I once mistakenly entered a lobby as spectator in Battlefield 4 and at that time had no idea what was going on. If only I’d known


I tried it last night, and for the life of me I could not figure it out. Must be way easier to get the recordings if you are on an xbox.

Or perhaps my computer is a POS


The recording features are built in to the Xbox, not the game, PC may require some kind of capture device. I’ve never used my PC for gaming so I’m not familiar with how it’s done. I’ll have a browse for some info.


Yeah - there are some broadcasting software out there that I am gonna try tonight. OBS seems to be the one most recommended, however it sounds like you need a killer rig.


This thread inspired me, so I installed OBS and captured some footage of me playing last night. There was nothing remarkable about the hour or so I played so I nuked it.

I will be recording again tonight. @ArmleyGeddon do you make notes of when something cool happens so you can go back to that spot? Trying to go through an hour worth of footage to find that perfect shot/clip must be a royal pain in the butt.