Internet Speed Test

So Netflix has just released a tool where you can test your internet speed test (bypassing any ISP) filters. Curious what kinda speeds you guys get?

I don’t understand the internet here and never will… I have no other choice but to go with 4G because this 3rd world country (sarcasm) did not install proper DSL internet in my area where I live, 4G is my best option and get around 108 - 160 ping on EU servers

Ugggg, this post just reminds me that I can only get 5Mb/s up!!! :frowning: No quality streaming for me.

P.S. I love the Netflix one, thanks for the share! (screw flash player)

What do you get from the official site? Find I get better speeds than on speedtest

@Timelord_ it’s probably because of the server that was selected. Try selecting a different one. :wink:

Since I moved house last year? My speed is an embarrasing 11mbs. I used to get 60mbs. weeps

I get about 3.0mbps on site, but it’s 4G and beginning of the month and everyone has data… so it will be much slower

Okay @Blackburn, I’ll shut the moaning then! Ouch, is mobile internet your only option mate?

Nah - one was on wifi in one end of my house, the other was on a direct connect to my switch.

Unfortunately… But if all goes well I might end up working in Dubai and they have DSL internet all over available with good speeds (or better then South African speeds, I will take it, lol) so hoping to get that job

Good luck with that then @Blackburn

Thank you :slight_smile: