Internet Speed Test


I guess I am not one of the %1. Just managed to get gigabit internet to my house. Not both directions (yeah - poor me). 1gbit down and 100mbit up. Located in Canada. Let’s see your internet speed. Hit and let it spit out a number


I would be too embarassed to share mine. I pay for 100mbit, but get 40-60


I will just leave this here. EA servers getting workout tonight.



I can always dream that this is mine.


Does anyone really need all that speed? I mean come on! Bidirectional gigabit? Like having a LAN on the internet


I would love that speed. ALL of my stuff would be backed up to the cloud for sure


Backing stuff up to the cloud WILL become a thing once everyone and their mother gets gigabit up AND down


I can only dream on those speeds I’m still on ADSL 17Mbps down don’t judge me please Hides


You poor man. Australasia?


Nah I am located in the UK.


I take it not in London, as there are some pretty decent ISP’s right downtown


Nah about an hour from London, some good ISP where I am and I could get 300Mbps but it’s exoensive and I have 3 kids so I have to budget and can’t afford it atm. What I have does the job I can game with a good ping so I’m happy atm.


ping beats throughput everytime if you ask me when it comes to gaming