Is this "Mask Guy" a girl?

Is it a girl, right? If it is, will we be able to pick our characters gender??

Hrmm. Good catch. That certainly is a feminine build. That would make some jaw drops if we could play as a lady in WWI

Found this, seems like only Russians were deploying woman soldiers

That doesnt mean that Battlefield 1 is a “true to history” type of game.

Yes, true, thought I put it out there, but imagine a nurse running on the Battlefield! It will be funny in a entertaining way

Well, we do have the medic class - but at least he has a full arsenal of weapons

I think you have a good point @Timelord_ because the woman on the horse during the reveal trailer, it’s definitively a very angry woman. I think it will be awesome if they put in female soldiers in the game, this also allowing for more multiplayer customizing

We will know more in a few hours. The livestream is today and I am pumped

It was awesome the live gameplay and I believe it was only pre-alpha? No woman tho, but then again it is pre-alpha (if I am correct)

yeah - it was all pre-alpha gameplay. Looked remarkably polished if you ask me