Just a quick hello


Hello all just a little hello, I’ve played every BF in the series (showing my age ) looking forward to discussing the game I have alsways adored with other fans.


Hey @RichGTR welcome to the Battlefield forum. If Battlefield is your thing, then you have come to the right place!


Welcome to our little corner of the Battlefield! Glad to have you onboard


Greetings! Welcome to the Battlefield Forum!



Love the collection of consoles! Is that a spectrum that I see in there?


Certainly is, it’s a proud member of the ‘every console I’ve ever owned’ list.
Spectrum 48k & 128k+2
Sega Master System
Sega Mega Drive
Sony PlayStation 1 & 2
Orig Xbox
Xbox 360
Xbox One


Spectrum 128K was my first computer when I lived in Europe many moons ago. Wouldn’t call it a console though… Would you?


Granted it wasn’t a console but it was one of my first gaming experiences at a time when consoles didn’t exist. I couldn’t accurately depict my gaming history without featuring the 48k & 128k.
Most of todays generation only see 48k & 128k as an annual salary not as machines that people used to play games on.


I started off with a spectrum also. I remember loading games from casette. I think the game I loved was called Brian Bloodaxe…

Wow. I just looked it up… It WAS Brian Bloodaxe.

You young people on the forum. Remember. The struggle was real.


I will take the 128k. Salary that is!