Lets not forget how pretty Battlefield 4 is

Battlefield 4 was/is a fantastic looking game. We need to look no further than the below images from @shadow6ix on twitter.

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Just bagged a few of these for Wallpapers. :slight_smile:

Glad you are finding good use for them

Fill your boots!

I totally agree with you that the game looks great. Those cinematic shots are truly beautiful. But I can guarantee that BF1 will look even better. They used Photogrammetry to capture assets to use in the game which basically makes objects look lifelike. The technique makes it possible to get the full 3D representation of objects, both the ‘wireframe’ as well as the texture. They first used it in Battlefront and I’m sure you can tell the difference in quality.

My colleague made a couple of objects like trees and rocks with this technique and put them in a 3D world. Then we played around with the HTC VIVE and I can tell you it’s really an amazing experience.

Yeah - BF1 has had 3-4 years more time for the engine to “mature”. I mean some of the videos put together out of the alpha are truly jaw dropping. Some of the stuff Berdu has done is amazin.g

Crazy to see what you can do with the cinematic tools these days. And here I used to think this looked good.


Just a good old spectator cam shot form the early days…

The crazy thing is that you usually don’t even notice how good it looks while you’re playing…LOL

Too busy smokin’ fools!